Friday, 16 July 2010

38 YEARS ON ...

Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary Mum n Dad
Been through so much...lots of "Happy" and some "Sad"
Braving the tough times together so strong
Knowing together, you can do no wrong

Showing us, teaching us, how to love and care
and even when times get so hard, to "be there"
to hand hold, to cuddle, to guide and have fun
and even in dark times to look for the sun.

Such great examples, of real family love
our awesome great gift from our God up above
We love you, forever, and will always do
We're blessed and we know it, that we've got you two

love you loads xxxx


  1. Very sweet post. Thank you for being so supportive on my blog abut my dear wiggum. It is amazing to have the support of someone you have never even met. You have got yourself a new follower. Thank you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! your family are stand out fantastic!


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