Wednesday, 15 January 2014

You're still here!?

Wow, what can I say, thanks a heap for still "following".  I expected to log in today with only 3 or 4 left following me, not that I'd blame you hehe.  Im a shocker of a blogger aren't I?   I am however hoping to get settled in a little corner of my window seat sometime this afternoon and do a whole heap of blog-reading and commenting, so prepare for that!

I've had a nice few weeks offline (ish), partly by choice, but mostly because of the crappy limited connection I had in Kaitaia with my little mobile USB thingamajig.

How have you been anyway?  I hope that Christmas was a lovely time of "togetherness" with those you love (or have to be around) haha..  And that New years was a fun celebration! 

I have so many things/stories/pictures to share, so hopefully I'll see a few of you around in the blogosphere. 



  1. And I am not going anywhere!! I am a bit slack myself!! Luff ya!

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours...look forward to hearing more from you and your little part of the world. xxx

  3. Still here, my friend, love hearing from you x


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