Thursday, 1 May 2014

Our Overseas adventure is upon us!

Hi all. 

Well I figured, I had best get started as in 2 sleeps, we will finally be on our way overseas. 

We have been packing and repacking, and cleaning the house all spic and span for our housesitter who gets here tomorrow! 

We are so excited about this trip.  After my Dad died (Dec 2012), we (well Hubby really) decided that we had been through so many deaths over the previous few years... friends and loved ones.  We needed to get away, and he invited my Mum to come too!   So, the last year and a bit, we have been gearing up for this. 

We've got our bits and pieces, passports ready..................speaking of passports... a friend of mine sent us this lovely pressie in the mail.........

Pretty cool aye?  Any guesses who made the cool Kiwiana passport holder??
It was..................
The very lovely and talented Leonie Grigsby :)
(Thanks for that my friend xx)
And on top of that I won Kristy's softie giveaway.... so here she is (I thought she was a boy, but have been told by my 5yr old that it is in fact a girl bunny...even though it's blue!).
So here's "Keisha" (named by Kendyl)... she also has her bags packed as she is going to come on holiday with us, and see the sights!

Thanks for the bunny (with skinny legs) Kristy ... she is going to be well loved as the kids think she's beautiful!
We have a bit of HongKong/USA/English cash on us, as well as cash passport cards, and Waz still has his bank account open in England, so we are ready for some spending!!
Excited... I'm really excited now!!
Have been for the last week I think!

I will try and blog as often as I can ... perhaps most evenings as a kind of update/journal, I figure it will be great to look back on later when it's all over and done with!
Anyway... off I go to recheck my baggage .... (again).


  1. Yay! Love Leonies passport holders! Can't wait to check out your journey via your blog!

  2. Have an amazing time Neetz and whanau ~ you SO deserve this, enjoy the journey and the memories for years to come!

  3. Exciting times!!! Have an Amazing time!! :)

  4. OH MY GOSH! Have a wonderful time away xxx Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  5. Oh squeal.......sounds like you have all the bases covered. All that is left to do is have an awesome amount of fun.....look forward to the many travel updates. Xxxxx


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