Monday, 29 September 2014

Holiday laziness

Hubby's at work.
Asher's at Camp.
Kendyl and I slept in.
We snuggled and talked and fell back to sleep.
LAZILY... we got up about 9.30.
When we got up we made Red, Green and Black playdough, and created lots of crazy Playdough creations with The Killers playing in the background really loudly!
At 10.30 we decided we'd have Brunch, since we were hungry and hadn't had breakfast.
Easily and simply we had mouse-traps
and Iced water with lemon slices......

............While watching Victorious.... (Yawn) lol. 
We are going to PJ it all day today!
We had been planning to go to the Library, but the weather is pooh!  Tomorrow we will venture in to the Library as they have crafty goodness going on there Tues to Thurs!
I hope my big boy is enjoying Camp,and hopefully this weather hasn't stretched right to Marsden Bay!


What are you doing for the first day of school holidays??



  1. Perfect first day of the holidays! Symon is still in his Pjs!

  2. Yayyyy for PJ's .. and you PJ! xx We've just made a yummy banana cake and Kendyl keeps asking every 2mins...ïs it ready to eat yet? is it ready to eat yet?? lol

  3. Sounds like THE perfect day girlies! Awesome!

  4. we did exactly the same thing. I think it should be a mandatory thing....pj day on the first day of holidays

  5. How fun.....Hey how was your holiday?? love to see some pics. xxxx


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