Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Scones for lunch

We're packing our bags again, getting ready to go up North, where Kendyl will have her adenotonsillectomy tomorrow.  The only thing she's really worried about is the fact that she is not allowed to eat anything from Midnight.... anyone who knows this child of mine knows she has an appetite like a wolf!  She's even asking how long once she wakes up can she eat... hahaha.

So anyway, she decided that she'd like some scones for lunch today.  With Jam and Butter, and perhaps a scone with maple syrup too. 

She was very helpful stirring and mixing the scones up, and finally we had some lovely golden scones ready for eating!
Great job Kendyl.
They tasted great, and our plates were empty pretty fast!

Have a great day xx


  1. Good luck to ya's!! Praying that everything goes smoothly :)

  2. All the best for your girl.....what better way to prepare for it than a feast of yummy scones. xxxx

  3. I hope everything went well for Miss K!


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