Thursday, 28 July 2011

Where do I begin?

Well, I have been kinda "putting off" this post for ages, mainly because I've been unsure where to start, or how much detail to put into it... ?  But I have several people who are constantly prodding me about getting around to writing "my story" the one about surviving Ovarian Cancer, and miraculously having 2 very "normal" kids after being told I would never...... so, I guess I should do it.   ... Soon.  Not tonight as I'm really tired :)  Perhaps I'll do it bit by bit ....kinda like taking a little bite outta that big elephant! ;) We'll see! that I've actually broached the subject and shared that.... it might make me actually do it. 


sometime soon. ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing, or starting to share your story! So strong of you! Look forward to reading the rest!

  2. I'm slowly learning to tell my story .. .. .. it takes time and trusted friends.
    I was told at 23 I'd never have kids ;'( I have 10 angel babies who watch over me and 2 miracles who walk with me every day - they are my blessings.
    Cervical Cancer and Endometrosis is my story

  3. cut it into parts...start form the beginning. I wanna read the story!

  4. As weird as this sounds, I would love to read it! You are such a strong, beautiful woman. I know it would enlighten and inspire me. xo

  5. good for you! It will be inspirational for other women as you are such a positive and amazing woman.


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