Thursday, 7 July 2011

Man oh man, wasn't it sad tonight??  Okay, I cried and cried, and got a little bit annoyed when hubby leaned over and said..."are you crying??"  ARRGGH!
Yes I was ruddy crying, how could you not cry... Bye Mel, Poor ol' Ben...  crying was the least I could do.

The funny thing is, I knew what was coming (as I have several family members in Australia who saw this episode last year)... also I can never help myself and I googled the episode to find out all the ins and outs of what was going to happen... (yes I'm the kind of person who flicks to the end few pages of a novel and reads the ending!!).  haha. 

So....who else cried?  Come on, I want the truth!!!


  1. Alright...I confess I cried....nothing wrong with that is there?

  2. i cried too Neetz, when I watched it in Oz.... avoided it last night cos I knew what I was in for, regardless of whether I had already seen it lol.

  3. Yep, watched it a few months back... and yep, cried. Love that show!

  4. Yip, sobbed here too! and sobbed the week before at the end of the show... and had a hubby who got a kick out of it too!


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