Sunday, 3 July 2011

.....hey remember me??....

heehe... its me, the "SLACK BLOGGER"!!  Oh man.  It seems like I'm forever having to apologise for not being on here.... but I've had stuff on....stuff to do.... REAL LIFE stuff!!  So, I will say it only once this blog... "SORRY".  And a huge thank you to all my very patient followers/friends!! 

So... today was cool.

What did we get up to today you might ask?

We had a space day at my sons school.  Hmmmm sounds fun??  Well, actually it was great fun!  They have been studying "Space" this term.  They've learnt all about planets, spaceships, astronauts etc, and enjoyed a night-trip to the local observatory (poor teachers the next day with a classroom full of grumpy sleep deprived kiddies!! lol).  They've had some (quote from my 6yr old) "cool fun man!". 
So, today we had a day where we parents and family/friends could come along to the school to see what the kids have been learning, and the work they've produced.  Being a theme day, they all dressed up, and then we had a shared "space theme" lunch.
We took dissected Aliens covered in blood (thinly sliced sausage rolls with randomly splattered sauce)
Shooting stars (star shaped cookies with glittery icing and sprinkles)
and space rocks (coloured fruity flavoured popcorn).

My Asher was an astronaut.  Daddy ordered a pair of those thin white papery overalls, and I just "authenticated" them with a bit of silver tape here and there, and a few nasa badges etc.  In a day and a half we glued together some old water bottles, a bit of Dads vacuum cleaner hose, and some little finger lights, nuts and bolts and other "round the shed" bits and pieces, and soon, we had one "astronaut life system (o2 breathing apparatus), and we taped together some broken old headphones and an old computer microphone to make a communication system inside the helmet!.
I just cut off the excess long legged bits of the overalls, turned them upside down...taped them to a pair of smelly old shoes, and that was the white boots... and that was our space day costume over and done with!!
We also taped a small little LED light inside the helmet so that it illuminated Ashers face, though I don't think you can see it in the pics.
We made a little "panel that we just stuck with double sided tape on his chest to look like .....?? well...whatever astronauts have on the front of their chests...heehee.

Asher was stoked with the outcome :) 
I was pretty happy with my creation too!!  As you can imagine, the boys at school loved it, and quite a few had a "try on" of the outfit. 
My boy was pretty proud when he won the prize for his costume!! Yay.

There was one downfall of this costume though..... the moment when Asher said... "Oh Mum, I need to go for a pee!!"  I was like "Oh no....there's no quick way of getting out of this!!! I should have cut a "toilet flap" heehee...anyway after a bit of wrangling, we got him out of there and toileted and back in before the costume parade around the playground!! ;)
Kendyl got in on the act too!.... Ashers teacher "Ms Jurisich" covered Kendyls face with Stars....and Tai (Buzz), Kendyls lil mate played happily down in the classroom while we watched all the kids doing some of their work.  (They had fun!).

So...that was our "space day" at Maungatapere School!
It was fab fun!
(((I have posted this late too, as I had written it ... then thought I had lost it, but re-found it again tonight!))).


  1. that costume is EPIC! well done!

  2. Thanks mate... only took a day and a half to do too!! (I left it til the last minute as usual!!) heehee.


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