Sunday, 17 July 2011


Did you like my cheeky little post prior to this one?  hahaha... I love the responses  (LOL!).

Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures etc.... I have everything totally disconnected etc... I will resume "pictorial bliss" once I'm back to normal here!

Anyway....Kendyl and I were home alone last night.  I guess "technically" that means that we weren't alone, we had each other, but it was just us girls after the boys left for a quick one-nighter in Cambridge.
~ Yay girls rule...boys drool! ~

This one night without the boys and just with my ultra-energetic bub feels like an eternity!  Kendyl has done a number of "naughty-ish" things while I have been distracted...trying to recover all of my lifetime of pics/videos/documents off my crappy 1TB Seagate external hard drive which has decided it is having a "Windows delayed write failure".  So...back to the story....I'm sitting here trying to save things....then realise Kendyl's been rather quiet, all about the same time that the aroma of "NAIL POLISH" wafts around and heightens my olfactory sense!!!!  ARGGGH.

I have to let you know what a "girl" I was.  I screamed before I even saw the bathroom.  and when I got there yikes.....Kendyl knew to head for he hills.  I am so dumb, I should have taken a photo!! 
Brown nail polish for africa!!!  all over the bathroom polished wooden floor, and the wall...and  a little on the white counter. 
Then there was the child.  Do any of you know how HARD it is to clean in between a 2yr olds toes/fingers without actually removing them (the fingers/toes that is)????  arrrghh!!  Anyway...she's "moderately clean" now, but there are still traces for Daddy to see when he comes home this avo!   The bathroom, on the other hand looks GREAT!! ((Praise ye the Lord!!)).  I really didn't know how the floors were gonna hold up to the Nail polish remover...but they did.... in fact they look GREAT!  hahaha  I am thinking of doing the Whole floor!! ;) haha.  the wall paint also survived, and if it weren't for the aroma, you'd never have known anything had occurred in there at all!  ( the before sight was SCARY ).  I am so happy that I never stripped the varnish off of the floors...or the wall.... otherwise there would have been MAJOR renovations!! haha.

So..that's kinda my morning....Im going to quickly write this..then go OUT of the house with her, we were supposed to be at church this morning, but my "cleaning up of the bathroom" has meant we're quite late, so I will "wag" and have a "Kendyl and I morning".  I think we'll go do some christmas shopping and some "7yr old" birthday shopping for Ashers birthday in a couple of weeks.  Gotta do something to keep this child occupied!! ;)

So...catch up with you all soon :)
Love and hugs this nice Sunday morning xxx


  1. Hahaha. You could sell it as a miracle cleaning product!!

    Bloggy rule #23: take photo, then react.


  2. hahaha! Oh dear, that sounds like something my youngest would do. She covered our wooden trunk in glue stick glue the other day, and all over the carpet too!

  3. Count you self lucky it was just BROWN nail polish....Ive had the other brown body fluid smeared in places I wish never had...I went ballistic!


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