Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Miss Saigon

I got some free tickets so took a friend to see Miss Saigon.  Wow, great cast for locals (and a Wellington leading lady).  I have seen MS before, and it was over-the-top amazing, so I kind of hoped that our local production would at least make a "semi-decent" job of it......but they were great.  There was only really 2 or 3 times that I thought it didn't quite step up to the bar, but those instances were not very gret at all....
We had a ball...loved it....amazing cast!! If you get the opportunity you should go get a ticket before it's all over.

Man...it made me miss performing in theatre though.... :( Oh well one day...One day).


  1. I went on Friday Neats, I thought it was pretty good too. Kinda cool that a small town can pull of a great production like that.

  2. I miss it too. I loved productions at highschool!

  3. Fun! I've never been much of a theatre performer, but I do enjoy watching :)


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