Wednesday, 30 March 2011

We did it again..... :)

We had our 3rd bloggers meet up.  This time congregating at the lovely Renettes abode.  I had been slightly distracted upon leaving for said "meet" and halfway to Renettes place realised I had left my freshly baked Ginger loaf on the hallway table (DOH).  On arriving though, we were greeted with gorgeous little cocoa ball things...mmm,  cake...delish!,  grapes (healthy option), and then later yummmmmmy Sushi ((thanks Leonie!!)).  My little "bottomless pit" of an almost 2yr old grazed constantly, despite my pathetic efforts to at least slow her down... (shame!).
It was so lovely to all come together again and have a nice ol catch up. 
I got to give TracyP all the squeezy cuddles in person that I had promised. It is so very nice to be able to give some real-life support and not just via the net!
It was lovely to have the awesome BeckyBoo join us, looking ever so svelte!!  (and it's always very nice to catch up with her wherever/whenever cos she's just the most lovely chick). 
Great to see our awesomely craftily clever supermummy (Whangareis version of Bree the Pioneer woman!!)...Kristy!!!.  Oh...and by the way, we got a glimpse of the totally awesomely immaculate and gorgeous softies that she (Kristy) made and passed on to Leonie for the Christchurch kids!! Well done PaisleyJade!
So nice to see Simone and her lovely kiddies again today too :) She missed the last meet up, so was cool to have a catch up with her again.
And Renette, she was a great hostess...made us a lovely cuppa and made us all feel at home. We got to meet her Mummy and also her cousin, and then later another friend of hers who has just moved up from wellington and wants to become a blogger!! (yayy).
I've said it before, but I am really enjoying spending time with these awesome gals...sometimes when you meet new people it can be a bit of an effort to get to know each other...etc.. but with this crew it has been easy as!  Lots of common ground...not just the bloggy thing, but lifestyle, beliefs, love and support.  I have found these new friends a true blessing, refreshing company, a good laugh, and I look forward to lots more time spent together.......
Oh, and by the way.... we were missing our other mate Jackie, who was nursing her poor little bubs with chickenpox!! Can't wai to see ya next time Jax xxxxxxxxx

PS:  Im going to make a concious effort to get another couple of blogs in before the end of the week, so as not to be called the S word from Tracy again even though I totally deserve it...... (((SLACKER, that is!!))) lol


  1. So when are you all heading South for a girls night?

  2. hahaha Neetz I am a bit of a, shall I say it ... slack blogger!!! I haven't blogged since Saturday eeekkkk!!!

    Was awesome catching up again!

  3. Such a good time - again!! Lovingyour pics and comments Neetz (except the poineer woman bit - haha). Love you all. xoxo

  4. slacker Tracy (hehe)
    Yes, I agree with what you said Neetz, about the common ground etc... amazing that so many can meet and connect so easily...pretty awesome really..although I think Keeley thinks we're a bunch of nutters (lol)

  5. thanks for the pics...just like being there. Im all for a South bloggy meet up with the Auckland crew sometime Gail.

  6. and you loved seeing me too huh Neetz???? huh?

  7. LOVED having you guys here, and I love the awesome vibe whenever we all get together!

  8. Loved seeing your sushi....Ohh I mean seeing YOU Leonie...of course I did!! man...did I not mention you either?? ((I know Tracy left you out of the list the other day...but did I really forget you???)) I didn't mean to if I did :)
    Love seeing you all :)

  9. Was nice to see you guys too!!! Thanks for the lovely comment Neetz.


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