Thursday, 10 March 2011


Boy it's been a bad year and a bit for our family............

Warrens Nana, then Pop passed away early last year, then later in the year we lost my very lovely Aunty Ceri who was so very much a part of our everyday life...and the kids life...  then my Dads brother, Uncle Tommy passed away (in Perth) in December, just before Christmas, and just on Tuesday night another of his brothers, Uncle Warren passed away suddenly in Auckland.  

I've really felt for our family, you know it's rough losing one member of your family....but several really knocks you! 

A couple of weeks ago, when we last met Whangarei blogging mums, we had a long discussion on death, and losing loved ones, and we all agreed that now.........we take more photos of our families, and loved ones..."just in case"..

We're packing up to head North for the funeral, and tomorrow will gather and meet up with all of my cousins who I haven't seen for ages....and guess what...I'm taking my camera!!  I'm going to "photograph my gluteus maximus off!!"  I am going to make the most of any potential photo opportunities...and the time that I get with my extended whanau.  We have to make our time COUNT...

Love n hugs xxx


  1. So sorry to hear of yet another loss to your family Neetz. So sad :(

    Totally go hard with the photos - here's to many precious memories captured and treasured for ever!!!

  2. (((hugs))) and love for you and your Whanau

  3. Maybe you might be allowed the really big camera ;)
    Even though it will be a sad time, may you have a blessed time with your whanau.

  4. Awwww sorry to hear of your family losses xx

  5. Loss is a sadness that lingers for a long time...but we were certainly grateful for all the photos we had taken and then I had managed to journal and place in albums to be able to relive the story as it was through the happy eyes of the time not the sad reflective ones we can have now.
    Take some time and reflect but snap away lots and lots.

  6. Oh Neetz, what a year you guys have had. Hugs to you at this sad time.

    Yes, photos are so precious and those memories are so important.

    hope you took heaps of pics.


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