Saturday, 5 March 2011

Maungatapere Mainly Music is up and running Baabyyy!!

Well we did it. Our little team from our little community church held our first Mainly Music session yesterday, and it went really well (if we do say so ourselves!).
We had a good turn out of 18 children and about 10 Mummies, and we sang and danced our little hearts out!
I loved going to Mainly Music when Asher was a bub, and he loved to sing and dance and carry on, and watching Kendyl yesterday took me back a few years, it was great!

 The kids all had a ball, and the mums stayed for ages... a good sign they felt "at home" with us :)

 Kendyl's watching Karen and Andrea jump around like Bunnies, and she thinks it's just hilarious!


  1. How cool!! I haven't done MM for years - I know my youngest would love it!

  2. How fun ..I have heard they are a fun programme to run...I am the coordinator in charge of our playgroups at church and they are so much fun too....even if my kids are now at school.

  3. Also haven't been to one in ages! Looks like so much fun. Good to see it went well. Go you!


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