Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Visiting Aunty :)

Well...I've just had a lovely visit from my Aunty Didee (my Mums older sister).  She turned up unexpected, and was not put off by my very messy house in dire need of a clean....or of the 2 children who are home with snotty/coldy germs! 

Aunty Di lives in Kaitaia, and she's down in Whangarei for a couple of days looking after one of her grandies while my cuzz goes on a work conference, so while Miss T was at school, she popped around to spend the day with me :) 

I must admit, I was a bit embarrassed that I had chosen today to be ultra-slothful....I had the breakfast dishes out ... not in the dishwasher yet.... there were tissues from here to china.....(some clean and some soooo not!).... the carpet in our lounge had just been ripped up as the carpet layers are coming in tomorrow.....so it looks a bit rugged and manky in there at the moment....  In fact, the kids had eaten breakfast in the lounge, since our stereo/lounge suite etc has been pushed into the dining area and we cannot access our dining table...  so there were stray bits of crust from Kendyls toast on the floor.  Washing on the floor..(I HAD folded it at least...but hadn't put it away at this stage!)... there was a pile of dirty washing ready to go into the washing machine....  but you know what........ it didn't phase her ((thank heavens)).

We had a cuppa and then she studiously worked with Asher to clean up his bedroom and put away the stray clothes/toys.... then as I cleaned the kitchen, she worked away in the spare room tidying up (kids in tow).  I managed to get the vacuuming done while she and the kiddies went and fed the goats/horse, and then "WA-LAHHH"... The house was clean!! :)

Then hubby arrived home (great timing) ... as he was bringing me a new tyre since I ran over a glass bottle and my "nearly new" tyre was munted....and it was time for lunch out on the deck  (yummy ham/cheese/lettuce/tomato/advocado Pita breads followed by Watermelon!!)  oh and some yummy popcorn!!

Now she's headed off and the kids are missing her already, and me, I've had a lovely day catching up with a lovely Aunty :) .....AND got a tidy house!! :)
Don't you love family???


  1. Haha - last time Symon's aunty popped in to visit the house was a tip... so I hear ya. Sounds like a fab afternoon, crumbs and all ;)

  2. hehe unexpected visitors will turn up to that at my place everytime!!!

    Glad you had a great day with your Aunty!!


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