Monday, 21 March 2011

Busy - ness

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things to do .... the amount of places to be.... the different things I've got to remember lately.  So much so that I have resorted to doing what I always laugh and harrass my Dad for doing. 


Just on Friday I had 3 alerts go off all within 4minutes of each other...hahah that's how bad it's getting.

Now, was that first one to wake up, the second to wake up and the third one to well and truly wake up or what???   The alerts are confusing me!  I feel like I have preggy brain all over again...What is wrong with me??  Theres too much to remember......

Theres the kids...
The Band
Oh....don't forget the hubby!!  *( H too!)
The animals
Cleaning (I usually try to forget this one for as long as possible)
The video shoot for the music video
......... I know I've forgotten something in the list, but you know what??  Who cares, Im gonna go and get a coffee and have a cuddle with my little girl! ;)  I'll try and catch up with all I've forgotten in 10 mins or so!!!



  1. Don't forget Facebook and bloggy friends ;)

  2. haha - that's EXACTLY how I cope!! I am always getting hassled by my hubby when my phone goes off... he often says "honey, your phone is reminding you to go to the loo" of something silly to that effect. You rock! xoxo

  3. catch ups with blogggy friends!!!! (hehe!)

    But totally with you on the busy-ness... its crazy at the moment.
    Enjoy your coffee and cuddle... thats what its all about.

  4. The life of a mother aye! Far out!

  5. My phone goes off a ridiculous amount but it is the only way I can remember to do anything...I leave it "binging" until I have done the task it is reminding me to do because one "bing" isn't enough- how sad is that.

  6. remind yourself to say how lovley you are to yourself in the mirror... i'd do it if i was there x

  7. Haha, I know what you mean! There are days I totally walk around in a fog desperately trying to remember the 1,000 different things I have to do before it's too late. I haven't reverted to using my cellphone though...yet ;)


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