Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thank heavens for Playcentre!

Kendyl LOVES Playcentre.
We cannot drop Asher off to school without her begging to go (as it's right next door).

I am so glad that Playcentre has started back.
Dough to squish AT PLAYCENTRE
Paint to ...well "Paint"...AT PLAYCENTRE

She's missed doing all the messy stuff as I've been avoiding these things at home and waiting til Playcentre was back!! Yeehaaa.

Most of all I love how at the end of Playcentre, she's so tired out that she crashes out in the carseat on the way home afterwards, and then I easily transfer her into bed..........while I enjoy some peace and quiet and she has an awesome sleep!!


  1. Oh yeah - Playcentre rocks! I always loved the afternoon following where they sleep or quietly play!!

  2. how often do you go in the week neetz?

  3. we cut right back at the end of the year to once per week as with soccer and all the other goings on it was becoming crazy...however I think I need to get back to 2 or even 3 times a week as she's so full on, it's great for her! :)Do you do Playcentre Jax?

  4. Great invention of the modern times alright. happy playing.

  5. cool pics!!
    We've never been to playcentre in our 9.5 years of preschool... mostly did playgroups so I guess its kind of the same... it rocked!

  6. Wow, Kendyl has the most amazing curls! Gorgeous!


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