Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beautiful Beachy Day

          It was "Anniversary" weekend here in Northland last weekend... so we got Monday off to do fun family stuff!  Warren and I rounded up the kiddies, packed all sorts of bits and pieces and headed off for a fishing/fun trip out to the beach right next to the refinery out at Ruakaka. 

The weather was brilliant, it was a bit windy and we'd get the occasional sting from fast blowing sand...which resulted in Kendyl yelling..."oooh bee  ohh bees" it had us all in fits of laughter.

Anyway we swam, we ate, we bathed in the lovely sun (and for some reason MUMMY was the only one who forgot to put the sunscreen is "ouchy" now......and yes Maoris DO get sunburnt thank you very much!!!).

We made a huge "mound" which was supposed to be some sort of weird sandcastle. 

We fished...Warren actually did most of the work baiting up his and Ashers rods and casting them out....but when Ashers rod managed to snag a decent sized snapper, ohhh Asher was getting the glory!!!
When we pulled in the fish, we had American tourists coming to watch the action, and taking the pictures also, they were almost as excited as we were!!  It was funny.

Satisfied with our catch, and after being at the beach for a good 4 hours, we decided to pack up and head home.

Back home Daddy cleaned out the car while the kids swam in the pool, and Mummy filletted the snapper, then made up a yummy beer batter, and put on some frozen fries, and we enjoyed the yummiest, fresh delicious fish, chips, salad and aioli (for those of you who are wondering.... we love aioli with anything!! beats tartare sauce anyday!!). 

What a perfect way to end an awesome family day together!


  1. yeah Jax...YUMMY snapper! :)

  2. yum... fresh fish!!! good catch!

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  4. Hi There, I have just stumbled on your blog....I too have a Mr Bassett ( your blog name caught my eye) Sounds like a lovely day had by all in the sunsine and what better than fresh fish and chips..


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