Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Our LOVE to you Christchurch

Oh man...where to start.
The chaos, the devastation.
The lives lost, now confirmed 65, and rising.

It is so hard to fathom the scenes of destruction we've been witnessing on the TV today.

It took me a while to comprehend, as I had been running around all day busily, not listening to the news, not seeing what was going on. When I finally got in at 4pm my heart just sunk to see what had been going on!

Unfortunately it was just like watching TV the day that Pike river mine blew up....another national day of grief, and not that long ago.

I cried as I watched it all...heard the tales of those people going about their daily chores.

Imagine doing your normal daily things, and  a huge destructive earthquake happening, while your children were at school, your husband at work, your parents out and about in town.  GUT WRENCHING!

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone from Christchurch, or with those who have loved ones in the city.

We've heard from most of our friends/family just waiting on a couple more now...............xxxx

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  1. This picture brought to life the reality of this devastation. It seems so far removed from me until I ran across your New Zealand crew. I am so glad I found you all. It gave me some people to specifically pray for. I hope you hear from your friend soon.


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