Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Week in the life of.... NEETZ (Day 1)

Today I thought I would join Helen of "The Invincible Summer" and do the "A week in the life" project by Ali Edwards. Nice easy way to blog this week, since it's going to be a crazy one with the lead up to Kendyls birthday party on Sunday, and my Dads big surgery this week.... arrgh. Watch me go from "with hair" to "without hair" in one week! lol

Anyway, the official "dates" for this project are today:  April 23rd until April 29th, so if you wanted to join in...lets get going!! :)

So, I got up this morning (a little late as I had a very late night last night)... had to rush around crazily to get Master7 off to his first day of school today.  I cut his and his Dads hair last night, as they were both getting a bit wooly.. and this worked out great as once he got out of the shower, he just ran his fingers through his hair and was ready to go..

Yay.. we had lunchbox snacks in the cupboard.  Yay.. we got all done in time before the CarPool arrived for pick up!! :) Love that!
(Didn't get any pics of this first bit of the morning, as I hadn't discovered this project then :)

Miss "nearly 3" was having great fun entertaining herself with her baby dolls... so that allowed me a bit of time to craft some bits and pieces for her birthday party on the weekend....
 My messy craft area... here I am making "Photobooth props".  We are going to have a photobooth set up so we can get some funny pics of our guests/friends... and then use them for thank you cards.

 There are some glasses... ties...funny kissy lips... big smiley mouth, top hat, jester hat, sunglasses, and this one below is my favourite:   A pussy cat nose/mouth whiskers. :)  For the heavier ones I stuck chopsticks to them as the holder piece(20 pack of chopsticks for just $2). for the light ones, I just used skewers.
 I made a pin wheel
 or two

 Finished off the paper mache Pinata

 Kendyl thought it was fabulous....

 Glued some curtains onto the photo booth "frame".
 Finished pinata! (and whacking stick too).
 Almost finished Ashers clown outfit... (his nose there honks!!).
 Entertained this wee moppet!

 Checked off my list...(that seemed to just grow through the day!!).
 Paid some bills online
 Laughed as I watched the dog try and move his bowl which Warren has just chained  down...(as said Dog likes to take large metal bowl...throw it in the air, and we often have to go on a wild goose chase down the hill to see where he's left it.
Sarge...not impressed!

 Talked to Donald the goat, who thought I had some food for him...but I didn't it was for the chookies.

 Had to get my gummys on.... and go feed the chookies.
Here they are waiting patiently for Mum to come and feed them :)

 Noticed that some little 2 legged creature (called Kendyl) had been systematically picking my spring onions... grrrrr...

had to clean up this mess (on the right)... what is it you might ask?? its's a hunk of ripped up mooshed up soap on the bench!!!  
Cuppa time!!                                                     
 Loved finding this (bucket of mini christmas cookies!" Warren had hidden them in the spare bedroom wardrobe and I came across them.....nom nom nom... "coookie monster!!".

Kendyl decided that Sarge needed Pain medication when he ripped his toenail off a bit  and was limping around the place...
 He lay down on the lino and was so tough my big patient.lol
 held up his foot as bathed it..then tried to cut away the broken bits..
 Dusted it off with some Wound powder...

 hahah Love this pic...makes him look like a Pinocchio!! :)
 My big boy got home from school
He and his sister pigged out on popcorn...........while I took some time out and made labels for mainly music...(mothers day coming up...so we're sorting out our gifts for our awesome Mums)

 Then started to make some dinner................. Chicken something or other......
 Helped Asher with his homework..... (Maori homework).
 Squeezed in a quick shower and got back into my PJs... lol (before 5pm!!).

 Got the clothes off the line and just THREW them on the spare bed... lol  (please tell me Im not the only one who does this...???).

 Checked in with my Mummy to see how Dad was...and if he was back from the operating theatre yet..... and he was....((prayers for my Dad please!))
(am going down to spend time with my Mum and see Dad in Auckland tomorrow...kids at HOME with DADDY!!)... :)
 Added "stuff" to the dinner I had started a little earlier.... ended up being a Creamy chicken and pasta bake... :)
 Now.....I am NOT much of a drinker by any means... but I soooo felt like a Rum and coke this evening...so you know what... I had one!!! :) And boy was it GREAT!

Then hubby got home with a big fan-dangle 16 wand mains powered "bubble machine" ... for the birthday party on Saturday.  Kendyl loved it, as did Sarge!!

Then it was millions of phone calls..
Dinner time
Mess cleaning up time
Mummys "chill out time" 
Daddys bedtime
and now it's 2.03am...so I think I might hurry along to bed now!

Night night..see you tomorrow x


  1. I love the idea of a week in the life of! But I have missed day one!!! And haven't taken any photos today! Might catch up on day 3 lol

  2. Crikey, I'm EXHAUSTED reading that..... might crawl back to bed now.
    You are a creative one - party props looks great. And love that you grow spring onions!

  3. I can't tell you how happy it made me to find this on my feed this morning! LOVED seeing your day - but like Gail I am exhausted just from reading it! Love those mini Christmas Cookies. The apricot choc chip are my favourite. Looking forward to following along for the rest of the week :)

  4. yeah Im a little exhausted after reading that too!
    I dump my washing on our bed. There are days when they move from basket to bed and back to basket a few days in a row until I can be bothered folding and putting them away!
    The party is going to be epic!

  5. I am not sure I can keep up if your week continues like that...hope you have some quiet times with your folks over the next day.xx


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