Wednesday, 11 April 2012

chop chop

My hair has been chopped short...and I love it.
I love not having to use very much shampoo/conditioner/product
I do however have to straighten out all the nasty curls that like to pop up when the weather gets a bit humid!
For someone that's always had shaggy ol' hair..this is so nice and "freeing" and no work!.
(Tim, a friend of mine referred to my hair as a big black ram covering my that explains it all!).

I'm still trying to get THE styling right ... but getting there slowly!! lol
(these were taken when I first got it chopped on Thursday).

What do you like/hate about your hair??
What products would you recommend to stop FRIZZ!?


  1. Foxy. Like it. I have a very posh and expensive hair product (but you only need a pea-sized amount) called Glossing Cream by Frederick Fekkai and it's freaking awesome! You can buy it cheaper on I think ... xxx

  2. LOVE it! Your curls are gorgeous, I have serious curl envy, ha!

  3. Love it...short hair is so freeing...I don't have frizz issues so can't give you any advice....I have tried so many things though ...way too many products to choose from. xx


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