Thursday, 12 April 2012

Circus party prep...

Man oh man... as you regulars will know....I've decided to do a "Circus" 3rd birthday for Kendyl.  I thought I had better get organised this have been trying to make as much bits and pieces for the day.

Got the invitations out last week....YEAH!

Made tissue paper pom poms... still some to go (almost) YEAH
Made the pinata (have finishing touches..but almost finished) another almost YEAH
Have made metres and metres (and we spell Metres like this just incase everyone in the USA or Canada thinks I have a spelling problem!!)... of really rough bunting. YEAH!
 My sewing machine needs fixing and I couldn't wait... so I found a "no sew" bunting idea on the net and have done that.... found some old fabric I had in the shed and have made (and am still making) lots to go down the driveway and around the trees and the playground to give it a real "carnival" feel.
I've been on the scrounge (on Facebook)... seeing if anyone else has bunting or whatever, and a friend is lending me her tent........ will make it the prizes tent...or the Photo booth or something fun :)
A couple of other friends have got more bunting I can use in the garage (aka: the BIG top).  and hubby is going to "curtain off" his tool area etc, then we'll decorate with our mainly music parachute up on the ceiling...then hanging down from there streamers/tissue paper pom poms/etc

I spent the weekend making these little sign posts above that say "refreshments" "amusement rides" "The big Top" "Parking" "Toilets" "Pony rides" etc...

I also found some cool plastic clear containers from Arthurs emporium for a mere 50c each to put some colourful m&m's or lollies etc in for each child... these are going to hang off a silver-sprayed tree branch for the kids to take home.

We're going to put feathers in our ponys halter and groom her up... and turn her into a circus pony (and give pony rides)...Kendyl's coming dressed as the pony-rider acrobat or whatever they're called.
Anyway...At the moment though the pony (Kitty) looks like this....since its been warm and she hasn't had her cover on....  (cleaning her up is gonna be a MISSION!)

My brothers giving us his big inflatable slide/bouncy castle, so theyll love that

WE're going to decorate the playground area, so they can amuse themselves in that too.

we're going to play "pin the nose on the clown" with a big cut out clown (yet to do).

We'll Smash the pinata

A friends hubby is going to do facepainting.

We'll set up our band PA in the garage and play carnival type music....perhaps set up the hazer (smoke machine) and some fancy laser lights just to try and create an "atmosphere" :) haha.

Oh..and I'm going to set up a photo booth.... have some circus type dress ups for them... and hubby can take some pics of the guests and we'll use those for "thank you" cards :)

I've bought some really cheap bouncy balls with glitter in them... some of those glasses with nose/moustache/eyebrows,  and some clown noses etc and other small things for prizes.  People that win any of the games we play will get to pick something off the prize table.  Also my son is going to collect the tickets when people come through the gates and we'll do the odd draw to get prizes too...  :)

For food we thought we'd do little mini hot dogs... popcorn... some fruit skewers (for the healthy)... bottles of water... I'll make some punch too.... some candy floss... oh and of course, some hot chips. toffee apples.. oh and Im going to make some cake pops!!

The cake I'm hoping to make will be circus themed......I've yet to decide which design I like the best but will do it in Fondant, as I find that much easier to work with than other types of icing..
(Watch this space).

We thought we could cut out some cages and throw all the stuffed animals we have into them... like the old animal type circus :)
So....that's as far as I've got at the moment...  Im thinking her next big party can be in 2 yrs time! :)


  1. OMGoodness!!!! I want to come to this party!!!! It sounds A.MAZING!!! You are the best Mumma ever!

    1. you can talk!! You're a great mumma!!

  2. OMG. You are one awesome mum! I think i want to come too :D

    1. aw come on up! :) You will have to be a clown or magician /entertainer though!! ;)

  3. A-MAZING!!!! Whoop whoop! Can't wait to see pic's of the day.

  4. Wow Neetz, K is so lucky!!! Fab party plans.

  5. OMG! Can I come? lol What a fabulous party for a fabulous little girl. LOVE it!

    Neetz link this up to my party linky...
    I love the envelopes (and invites/tickets)... and all your ideas... wow you have a REAL pony for pony rides, so cool!
    I would LOVE to do a circus themed party, and I'm figuring Scrag's 5th might be my last chance... hoping I can convince him???
    Might show him Kendyls party and see how far we get...

  7. All I can say is OMG... my poor kids are never going to see this post, as they'll never get a party like this in their wildest dreams!!!!!!

    Go you, lucky Kendyl!!!!!


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