Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 2 and 3 of Week in the life of....

I am actually just heading off to Auckland to spend time with my Mum and my Dad (who's in hospital)..... but I have been taking pics and writing notes, and will post these when I get back okay... :)

See ya when we see ya xxx


  1. Hi, how is your Dad now? We went to Omaha by the way, very posh indeed but the bach we hired was a bit more low key than some of the other houses around. xxx

    1. Well my poor ol' Dad ended up having to have his leg amputated right up to the hip due to osteomyelitis... and over the last week has been back to the operating theatre 6 times now... and had to have lots of blood replaced.
      It sux. And my awesome Mum is using up all of her leave so she doesn't have to leave my Dad in Auckland. She's staying at the hospital "whare" dorm style... away from their very awesome house/ our family/ etc... feel sorry for them both *sigh*.
      We're back down and then home again regularly trying to support them both.

      Oh, and Omaha aye? Well I was not far off that's for sure!! :) heehee.
      Hope you had a great time!

    2. Wow, that sounds really intense. Sending lots of love. x xxx


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