Sunday, 25 September 2011

A year ago today.....we said Goodbye to our Aunty.

Today (when I wake up after actually going to bed soon..) is going to be filled with all sorts of memories.... things like " At this time last year, Aunty Ceri was still alive, and we were talking to her, cuddling her, even though she was not totally responsive".   "At this time last year, we all had to make the decision to turn off all of the equipment".  "At this time last year, we were saying our farewells".  "At this time last year, Aunty Ceri had died.................".

And then just under a year ago I wrote THIS POST summing up what a beautiful, though tremendously sad occasion her funeral was.

I just re-read the post, which I haven't really for a while, and the flood of emotions was enormous... tears still flowing.  Miss you Aunty Ceri.... xxx


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