Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hello Bloggy friends!

Hi y'all :)

Yeah I'm back kinda.  Been having mega problems with Blogger lately....I better not start bleating on about it I might think rude swear words in my head.  Sometimes it works fabulously, other times not so.  Today and last week it sucked ... so I just didn't post at all.  (and I was on a big come-back, since I actually had a bit of spare time!).

So....anyway... what's been going on with me??

~ Lots of gigs (which is a good thing, as it means MONEY... but also late late nights..even on school nights with all of this Rugby world cup bizzo going on!  Upside is meeting lots of fun people from all over the world!  It's been fab!  Been really having a great time with the other guys, gigging lots and getting lots of new songs down.  (Loads of weddings coming up too!).

~ Costume making.  My sons school has their school production coming up "Kids in Space".  Well, since I apparently did a good job on my sons astronaut costume, several of the teachers put my name down to help make costumes!!!  arrghh.  So, I have been making Astronaut costumes... constructing lifepacks/backpacks, making up badges for the suits, generally thinking "space space space", and trying to fit that all in around the band stuff, and sick children, and then getting a tummy bug myself! But WHEW I'm done now (as of yesterday), so can just BREATHE this weekend.  The production is next week.

~ Organising stuff for soccer prizegiving.   Yes I have been the one chasing money from parents so that we can give our coaches some token of thanks for their awesome job this year.  Only problem is that people are avoiding me at all costs......... pretending they can't see me and quickly running the other way.... (and I have so not been in the mood to chase them down and tackle them even with all this rugby fever in the air).
Seriously though, you'd think I was asking for the money for ME...... AND... I haven't even been pressuring anyone , I just said..."If you would like to"....  so anyway, after settling for a nice bottle of red wine, a box of choccies, and a voucher to a local cafe for 2 main meals and 2 hot drinks instead of the cool-as "COACH" t-shirt, with the coaches name underneath, that we'd hoped we might be able to afford....I have vowed not to be the money chaser nexAB'S!!!"t year!! :) heehee. 
Anyway prizegiving went really well. Gorgeous weather today, and great turn out, and over and done with before lunch which is an even bigger bonus!! (can spend all day getting ready for the game tonight!!)... "GO THE MIGHTY

~ Raising baby chickens for Agriculture day.   Well yes, we got these baby chicks... started with 2 (Adele and Joss Stone),  then the next week someone had had enough of theirs so we adopted theirs  (now named Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift).  These little babes are now coming up 5 weeks, and are growing so rapidly.  They are demanding little so and so's but are so cute when I put my arms up and they think I'm a tree!  ;)  We are very attached, even though they've lost that REALLY cute look ... all fluffy and cotton-bally...they're now looking very scraggly as their "big chicky" feathers are popping through.  Oh man, the poo!  They are now in their pen in the garage still with a lamp at night cos its been quite cold!! (sooky).  then out in the sun through the day, and out for cuddles whenever we feel like it.  We're hoping to come up with some easy costumes for Ag day... Asher's still keen on making some Ninja leg-bands with ninja stars on them... lol  I'm still keen to get them walking on a leash...LOL  (see google for training your chicken to walk in a dog harness/leash!!!) lol.  Hubby however keeps going on about how nice they'd look on a rottisserie... LOL.

Anyway...I am off now to do a bit of laundry..... I say a bit I MEAN a mountain, as I have been so caught up the last week with these costumes...that I've kinda let the laundry "go"... nobody's run out of undies yet so it can't be too bad!!?? lol


  1. Ok, well now im totally EXHAUSTED from reading your post! How do you do it all girl???
    Love love love the space costumes! very very clever!!!


  2. Cool post! Those astronaut costumes look amazing! Congrats on getting heaps of gigs, and would LOVE to see some pics of your chickens! (And also, I often wait until I run out of undies to DO the laundry! Hehe)

  3. those costumes are out of this world ;)


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