Saturday, 10 September 2011

Big Lovies and hugs..

Just wanna send out some big love and gracious thanks to all who were good enough to actually READ my lengthy story and then leave such lovely comments.  Thanks guys, and I'm glad some of you were encoraged!  That's awesome!   Writing my story these last several weeks, has made me once again, put things into perspective.  I've been so much more patient/tolerant with my babies ... appreciated them more, and made an effort to just put the less important things aside and just hang with my babes....  It is so easy to forget all the awesome things we have to be thankful for.... and to prioritise when it comes to what we do with our time.  Several times over the last few weeks, I have crawled into bed with my sound-asleep son and cuddled him tightly while he snored or farted... and I have just loved him... loved holding him, appreciating him...  I have made an effort to catch my little girl doing "good things" instead of growling at her for the naughty stuff.... I've snuggled her... laughed much more.....  so this "story telling" has been great for me! ;)

Tonight I attended a scrapbooking night.... I did my layout on "My Family"  (not very original huh?) .   A simple layout with a big pic of my sunshiney boy laughing at something.... a cute pic of my girl with her hair sticking out in all directions with shampoo bubbles on top.... and a pic of Warren and I cuddling in our pre-baby days, having his birthday lunch in May 2003, at a country pub just outside of Nottingham England. 
I love these guys so much my heart almost bursts....   I must make sure I tell them that regularly!

I dare you to spend some extra time with your loved ones this coming week..... ;) xxxxxxxxx


  1. awesome Neetz!!! you are an amazing woman and an amazing Mum and wife!!

  2. Naww good on you for sharing .. it does pay to be reminded sometimes how absolutely hugely we are blessed!!

  3. Just been catching up on you....great post. It does good to reflect every now and then to remind ourselves of all the blessing we have right now.


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