Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Time's a-flying!

Well, here I am... back in the blogging seat, after over a week of being away from home, and back to my home-town of Kaitaia for the tangi and funeral of my lovely friend Anita. 

For many reasons this week I've thought to myself... "my how time flies". 

Anita and I met through school and in 1988 when we were just teenagers, we were part of a performance group to tour the USA/Hawaii doing our singing, dancing and such.  I was the drummer in the band...with my cool shades and kung-fu shoes hahaah (they were SO in fashion back then!).

My friend Anita Jane Tepania

As I sat with other friends around my friends coffin and looked at her laying there......I thought..."man, how time flies", but even so, at 38..... mate you should still be here!  Unreal, so suddenly taken from us.  So very sad.  Our only comfort at that time, all the crazy fun memories we had together, and the knowledge that she was dancing with her saviour!

Aunty Ceri
Then that weekend, we (my Mums family) had a "rememberance" day for my Aunty Ceri who passed in September.  It was her birthday on the 24th, so after church, we all gathered  at a cafe in Kaitaia, filled almost the entire place, and ordered to our hearts content.  There was conversation going on everywhere, (and this side of my family are known for their noisiness!).  We laughed, ate, remembered.  And it seemed  like a lot had occured since Aunty ceris 50th that time last year.....and now she wasn't here.  Again I thought "my how time flies".

Aunty Ceris Purple coffin :)
Then there's my baby girl.  Kendyl Stevie.  She is turning 2 on Thursday.  Two.... 2 whole years of life with our girl..... whoa, where did that go??  Crazy!!  Another "time flies" moment whenever I thought about her turning 2.  Remembering her being cut from my body.....then not being able to hold her for a while as she struggled for breath.  As she lay un-attached from me in SCBU (special care baby unit), unable to breathe unassisted.  Tubes, needles, incubators.  That all seems so very long ago.  This is the child who had to have milk syringed into her tiny mouth, but who made a very quick come-back and once she latched on and nursed has continued to want to do so even though she's coming up 2!!  ((I can hear the gasp out there in blog-land)).  Perhaps it was because of her "rough start" that I haven't been more forceful about getting her off the boob once and for all!  Oh well, I'm sure she'll stop by the time she leaves home....hahahahah (kidding....just kidding).
My baby xx

And then I get home, sit here in front of my monitor, and see how "time has flown" since I last blogged.... arrghh...
I actually have tons of blogs stored up in my head...getting them here is another thing... :)

Anyway, that's it from me for today. I hope all my bloggy friends had a great Easter remembering the awesome thing that happened many many years ago..... an only son was given in place of our lives... he was pierced, whipped shamed and hung on a cross for us, he died and then he rose again....amazing. Truly amazing!  (oh and the choccy eggs were not bad either!!) ;)


  1. Sounds like you have some good memories and good family to help celebrate these lives. Happy Easter.

  2. So sad to hear about your friend Neetz. What a rough time you have been having with so much loss.

    A big happy birthday to your BEAUTIFUL wee girl this week - she's an absolute gem :)

  3. Time does fly doesn't it. Love the purple coffin. Your friend looked very beautiful and what a loss, too young! Kendal baby you are so cute and your right she won't be on the breast when she's 18 so your all good. Love ya xx

  4. Wow - can't believe your baby will be 2! Special idea having a rememberance day too. xoxo

  5. What a lovely post, and so sorry to hear about your friend. Your wee girl is so gorgeous, and she has the same name as me! (My middle name is Kendyl - Ive never met anyone spelt like that either!) I work in a NICU, and its nice to see a grown up version of the babies I look after every day - we never get to see what happens when they leave! Nice to blog ya!


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