Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm doing this because I'm the bravest blogger ever! ;)

Okay, so...........I met another blogger...in REAL life...
We became friends. 
She became the Owner/Editor of Kiwi Mummy Blogs and what do you know, she's decided that I could become her Product tester of all things unspeakable/taboo/embarrassing........LOL.

Of course, I would like to think she chose me for this upcoming product because she knew I could handle it in a very grown up manner... I could give my honest opinion of it, in a subjective way....
I would hate to think she chose me for any other reason though.....since the product she would have me test is


And yes I stole your picture Leonie.....it's the least you can do for "pay-backs!!
And despite the lovely "Friend" trying to be discreet, by putting it in a brown inconspicuous paper bag........what does she do?? she shows everyone at the bloggy meet up what product I will be testing... hahaha. ... then posts the pic above in her blog!! ;) With friends like that who needs enemas   enemies!! LOL

So...I now have said product in my hot little hands (or bathroom cupboard actually).  And possibly tomorrow I may start my research project! 
So for those who are genuinely interested in this product, and its possible social benefits, then tune in later! 
(I'm still thinking of an ingenious way of "rating" it... hmmmmm....) well, we'll see! ;)


  1. I'm wondering what hubby says about all this...

  2. haha... sorry Neetz :( I can take it off the blog post..although now you have it up here!!) im thinking this upcoming blog post will be one to go on the KMB homepage...hehe (with your permission of COURSE!!!).
    And of course I asked you because of your honest subjective opinion!!!
    *lucky your son didnt think it was a drink in the car huh?*

  3. hahaha...its fine Leonie :) you know it takes a heck of a lot more than that to worry me... in fact it doesn't phase me at all..

    As for hubby...he just smirks and shakes his head at the antics..LOL :)

  4. hahahaha..yeah that was funny when he was looking for a drink and I could see him going..."what the heck is this???" lol

  5. Too funny...you go ahead and be bold for the rest of us female.

  6. LOL!! cant wait for the update

  7. Thats hilarious! I cant wait for the review!


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