Monday, 18 April 2011

Anniversaries and Love

Yesterday was our 7th Anniversary. 
Together 11yrs...Married 7.
A pregnant bride (gasp) :)
A Taranaki Lad
A Northland Lass
A stress-free low-key very non-expensive do it yerself occasion
eats at home under a lion red marquee, cake cutting in the cluttered shed....who cares ;)
A marriage made in almost heaven! ?(cept for the already preggy bit lol)


We've climed mountains (or hills...) .. taranaki...snowdonia in Wales.... Baldwin St in Dunedin (is it dunedin?? Im getting confused)...
We've been on a catamaran from Greece to Turkey (and then back in a huge electrical storm).
We've watched the horsey business at Badminton (England).
We survived Thailand while the whole SARS episode was happening
We climed up castles in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales......
We've done lots havent we??

Happy Anniversary Baby.
I love you.
Up to the sky and back (and a few orbits round too)
Thanks for your love
Thanks for our babies
Thanks for YOU xx


  1. Happy Anniversary! What gorgeous pictures :) I hope you guys have a magic day xx

  2. Hi there Neetz - gorgeous pics! Happy anniversary. Stacey (New follower - see, you can get more followers easily!)

  3. Awww Neetz! So beautifully mushy ;-) Congratulations! And don't worry about the already pregnant bit, unbeknownst to us I was also already preggers on our wedding day. It happens.
    Wishing you a joy-filled day!

  4. lovely ♥ Congrats team Basset!

  5. What a beautiful much fun to have a "nosy" and watch. You guys have had a heap of fun.wishing you many more adventures in life.

  6. oh so cool to see the pics of you and hubby!!! What a gorgeous couple you are! Congratulations.

  7. Congratulations guys! You are both such a cute couple!

  8. That's awesome..... congrats guys!!!!


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