Sunday, 12 August 2012

LOVE IS............

A surprise bar of choccy arriving in the mail :)  

It's lovely to find out that "someone out there" cares about ya, and has taken the time to get a bar of choc sent to you!  Thanks to "The Sisterhood" who I have yet to track down (but will link their site here), and a huge hug to whoever that lovely person was who nominated me!  I don't know who you are, but again, I will track you down!! ;)

What a blessing, just what I need in among all the other "goings on"

It's made me more aware of how I can bless someone else today too!


  1. Yay for you Neetz!! You are so deserving of a little mail love :)

    1. <3 it was YOU wasn't it my lovely friend???? xx

  2. Hmmm I was just making comment an hour ago about chocolate being the fixer of most things in life....glad you were treated by someone. xx

    1. mmmm lovely! And fixer of all sorts alright! lol


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