Friday, 10 August 2012

Cuddles through the fence

I'm making the very most of the time that my boy is cuddly and wants to be around me.......haha. At the moment he's in a place where he can't get enough Mummy cuddles and kisses and praise/attention (particularly the GOOD attention, but occasionally the BAD attention!).

Today as I was on duty at Playcentre and feeling a little frazzled (the day started badly with lots of appts/phone calls and other mini dramas).... and just on the edge of screeching at the screechy yelling kids.....  I looked up and out the window ..........and saw beyond the "bars" of the school/playcentre fence my 8yr old smiling at me and waving ferociously!

In that instant, my heart cheered up, a smile broke out on my face, and I couldnt wait to rush out and smack him with my lips! :)

As I got to the fence though, i noticed 2 of his friends standing off out the back a little.... so I thought I better ask his permission to cuddle/kiss him through the fence.... (incase it wasn't COOL infront of your friends!).
"Don't be silly Mum......" he said.  "I always want to cuddle you!!"  *melt*.
"Shall we pass on the kiss though?" I whispered.
"NOOOOO kiss me!" he answered!! So he got a nice big kiss too, and didn't care when his mates muttered and carried on! hahaha.

Just last week he said to me he'll never get embarrassed of me... (yeah right I thought...)  and then he said.. "because you're cooler than heaps of sing in a REAL band!" hahahaha..
Guess I can't quit the band any time soon then if I want to stay looking cool in the eyes of my big boy!! haha

Don't you love kiddy snuggles... I love em so much, they make all the "other mummy moments" so worthwhile!! ;)

Have a great weekend you lovely Mums/Dads xxxxxxxx


  1. Oh that is so cute Neetz! Very precious. xoxo

    1. haha.. One day he's not gonna want me all over him!! I better make the most of it! lol

  2. Awwwww that is boy loves to cuddle too. xxx


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