Sunday, 12 September 2010

A weekend away........

So...we had a free weekend no prior committments, so Warren was roped into playing in a squash tournament that was being held in Cambridge.  Cambridge is great for us as that's where Warrens Mum and Dad live, so it just made sense to "make a weekend of it" and go spend some time with the in-laws, as well as watch my hubby chase a very small black ball around a small box-like room :)  So off to Cambridge we did trek!

Hubby (being the very organised type), arrived home Thursday night with "travel snacks" for our Friday journey.  Of course within half an hour of arriving home with them the whole of the family had made short work of various items (none of which are particularly good for your health!)...

Friday morning saw the "last minute" packing.... jamming various items which we "may" use.  Extra shoes, extra jerseys...soon we just about needed an extra bag just for the "last minute" entries!

............and then we were finally off.

Kendyl decided pretty early on that she needed to quench her thirst (Thanks Dad for choosing the 50/50 just juice option which is great and diluted for kids, so not nearly as sugary!! (Of course Master 6 thought this sucked as there was "hardly any flavour man").  Of course when faced with the choice of that or H2O...the just juice really wasn't "too bad" :)

Ash settled in watching DVD's in the back (ahhh the peace and quiet!!)Dad just did what Dads have to do...
I zoned out after having to listen to "talkback radio" where the racial issues were driving me in went my earbuds, and my ipod was set to "random" and I closed my eyes .....(no pics of this as I was too zoned out).

Very soon we had one quiet school aged boy...........One very fast asleep toddler with a belly full of crap food  (I always thank God for a family that does not get car/motion sickness!!!) and then one "in and out of consciousness" mummy, while Dad continued to drive. 
And then we were in Auckland...
Bye bye Sky tower...and Vicky park markets ... Bye Harbour bridge...
Soon it was time to stop for a late-ish lunch in Huntly....hmmmmm Maccas it was, as there really was not a great amount of culinary choice going on in Huntly.  Ahh well the Kids were happy...(more crap food)...

And before long we had made it to Cambridge. ((Hugs for Nana Bassett))  Warren played his heart out on the squash court...representing Whangarei!  (Naki boy having to represent the dilemma!).  Watching the game was very tiring, but I'm sure it was worse for Waz. lol  He did awesomely.
((Photos courtesy of Asher, hence the "fuzzy" touch!))

We had another blessing too... Warren's Auntys from Taranaki were also coming to stay the night at his parents cool!  So we had a delicious meal (My Mum in law is the most awesome "feeder of people"....and so hospitable)...and we had great conversation, tons of laughs, stories and the night just flew by too quickly!  After dinner Joy (Warrens sister) joined us for the evening, and it was nice to catch up with her too.

I took these few pics of Cambridge for a blogging friend who's from Cambridge (has parents here) and she's now living in the States... so Jennifer from Little Kiwi Chick blog...these are for you!  (I sneakily took them while at the intersection!).

We had a good time :) and all too soon it was time to ome home.  So we loaded up and headed home again. 
We had one stop at "Sheep world" where they have the pink sheep on the side of the was pretty cool, but we just had to get moving again and home....
So...that was our has your been?? 


  1. YAY!!! Thanks for taking me to Cambridge with you, Neetz!!! Loved seeing these photos, especially of the church :o) Hoping to get Abbey christened there next year when we come home... cool to see the Auckland pics too... such a familiar drive, have done that haul many times! Glad you had such a nice weekend away.

  2. So great to have a weekend away. I dont think i have ever been to Cambridge. It looks cute.

  3. Your little girl is TOO cute with those gorgeous curls! Sounds like a fantastic weekend away.

  4. Hey Neetz, your weekend away looks fab!!

    I haven't forgotten your prize... it will be coming soon!!!!xxx

  5. haha...that's okay Gail, I'm pretty patient!! ;)
    Half the fun is knowing it's going to come sometime!...kinda like Heaven! xx


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