Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ashers "KIDSCLICK" entry for "animals animals animals"

I took this  picture of my pony. Her name is Kitty and I love her she is 9years old and 3 yyears older than I am. I love to ride her and she can go really fast. She is so funny because she thinks that she is the Mummy of our 3 goats! She always calls out to them and rounds them up. When they are naughty and try to steal her food she gives them a little bite. She never bites or kicks me. She loves her nose and head scratched. I love how she smells. She is my friend.
By Asher Bassett
6yrs old.


  1. aww gorgeous and I love that she is named Kitty!

  2. She's a lovely pony....just adores kids or anything resembling food!! ;)
    Asher's always taking pictures of her... he loves her so much!

  3. What a lovely photo Asher!! You are so LUCKY to have a pony! I think the way you have gotten up nice and close in the photo is wonderful, and it is lovely and clear too! Well done, and I am so glad that you entered KidsClick!!
    I hope we see lots more photos from you :)

  4. Hey Asher and Neetz: I have picked Asher's gorgeous pony photo as my "Outstanding Pic" for KidsClick. I loved this photo so much :)
    I'd love you to email me some more of Ashers' pony photos so we can share them on kidsclick and also any tips Asher wants to tell us for taking such great photos :)
    Luv Simone
    (Ps Neetz I need your email address)

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
    He will be so so stoked when he gets home from school and I tell him.
    I'll also get him to contact you with his "tips" heehee.. and some more "Kitty" pictures! (he's got loads so be prepared!!!).


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