Sunday, 19 September 2010

Fudge it!

There's this guy I used to live next door to Under a  house in Hospital road. 
His name is Tim and he's a chef with an evil hobby!  "Fudge making!"

This Chef friend "Tim" and I keep in touch via Facebook, where I do the majority of my socialising these days!  Anyway I started to notice that he began posting more and more pictures of fudge.... and he was happy sharing both his success stories and his "fine tuning" with us all.  Of course the more and more he posted, the more and more I salivated this side of my computer goodness I swear I could almost smell those babies!!  :)
Imagine my sheer joy when he offered to let us sample some of his delectable fudgey goodness!!  I (and my household) was over the moon! 

So we got the call that our batch was ready....and as Warren was passing Tims place of work, he opted to pick it up..................(Im not sure how much was consumed before making it home...but there was still loads to savour).

Unfortunately I don't have photographic evidence of this fudge that we got to sample, as photographing it was the very LAST thing on our minds that weekend.  We had my parents and an aunt staying that weekend and it kind of became a "first in first serve" type frenzy!  (I have stolen the pictures that Tim took of his fudge to put on this blog.... Thanks Tim!).
We tried to make ourselves feel better by saying that we were overindulging for "research purposes"... so we could give Tim some feedback about his fudgemaking skills....but to be blatantly honest, we were just being piglets!!   I had a gig on the night we picked it up, and I snuck some in my music bag and nibbled on it that evening...heehee... (that was a confession by the way!).  Anyone taking any notice of my movements that night may have thought that I was continually going to my bag for a "fix"!

The fudge that we tried was:  "Intense dark chocolate and Raspberry" (one of my faves), Hunnypot Fudge (Homemade Nougat and lightly toasted almonds suspended in a White Choc fudge) (Mum and Auntys faves), Banana Milk Choc fudge, Coconut Milk Choc fudge (my other fave).
Now I have to rave about this was outta the park awesome!!  I am a "Fudge Farm" freak, but this fudge by Tim is different.. dare I say "BETTER"! (yes I dare!) is gorgeously smooth, the flavours are wicked!!, it is very very more-ish!
I will update everyone on facebook and on my blog when this guy starts to sell his amazing product because I am telling you, you will thank me for it!! :) (your dietician might not thank me though!)


  1. Droooooooooooooooool! I love fudge.

  2. better than fudge farm fudge??...It cant be true! I must try some!


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