Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Perfect Pikelet Picnic.

The weather was gorgeous today.  Asher decided that it would be a great idea for Mum to cook some pikelets so we could all have a picnic lunch on the deck. we did.......

A rather simple affair
Just the pikelets
some butter and sprinkles
golden syrup
Peanut butter
2 kids, a Mummy and a hungry black cat

On the deck
In the sunshine

mmmmmmmm...Asher thinks it's great!

Kendyl's in Hands, feet and all!!
(Lovin' those Hundreds and thousands!)

And soon all that's left is a messy tablecloth

Then it's off into the garden for a play

Asher didn't want his picture taken thanks very Mummy went overboard taking some of Kendyl.
The result... a bit of a Kendyl Collage :)

Who else enjoyed the sunshine and their wonderful children today??


  1. this is frekin choice azz...mann r ur kids gonna love you even more when they look back..!

  2. Your kids are gorgeous! I can't believe your baby girl is only 6 months??? (or is that profile info out of date??); she has an AMAZING head of hair.
    Lovely photos too.

  3. gorgeous pics - Elijah has sprinkles on toast - it's the only way I can get him to eat it! I think I've started a bad habit though


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