Friday, 28 May 2010

The Band

So, Im in a band
A 4 piece Rock covers project... (Vocals, Bass..not just any bass aye Kyle...((either a 6string or 8 string option!)), Drums, Guitar....we call ourselves KURFEW.

We've had great fun over the last few years, gigging, doing some mighty awesome big gigs here and there, but lately (because the venues around Whangarei are tight and penniless) the good payers are getting rather hard to find.  Everyone's pleading poverty! 

Anyway our freakishly fabulous guitarist has developed severe Carpal tunnel syndrome.  We noticed in our last few gigs that by the end of the sets he was struggling a little and complaining of numbness in his fingers etc.....and that was the problem, stinkin blimmen Carpal tunnel!  Because of this he needs at least 6 weeks rest (no guitaring at all)...then some physio, then possibly some surgery etc.... and so he's opted to leave us so that he's not holding us back. 

Man we've done some great gigs together.  He's just "smokin"... and having him with me on stage (and the others of course), always made me feel so much more confident...knowing that his sheer talent would impress and keep the crowd gasping! 

Suddenly I'm frightened about our next gig.  Don't get me wrong, we have a guy filling in for us who is also pretty great...but it's not the same.  I hate it when we lose someone.. I mean I should be used to it now, there have been so many changes, but each time it happens is a bit of a scary thing. 
When you have your band, you know each other...where you're going...what we're put your trust your faith in them.  It's really scary suddenly having someone else in that gap that you have to learn to work with...relate to. 

I know Im just being a big sook, but I am really scared.  AND...I know Im gonna miss MarkyMark a lot too.  We've been emailing back and saying..."I can't do it...I'm gonna miss you too much...I feel scared..."  and he's been saying "You can do it...You're great...Chin up...I believe in you...."'s just not the same!

We have a music practice tonight with the new guitarist, so will see how that goes (only our second so far)... hopefully he has got more of our setlist of songs sussed out and is almost ready to go....

hopefully I will come home tonight feeling much better about it all, and even excited about the "new direction" Kurfew may take.
Until then, I will remember fondly.....

All the Best Mark....We'll really miss ya xx

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