Monday, 17 May 2010

Manic Monday Musings

Well, Monday's blown in again, and what a chaotic day we're having in Kara Road! Asher's still home following his adenotonsillectomy the Friday before last. He will probably be back in a couple of days... he's nearly managing a day with only minimal pain relief now.

Anyway we all got up when hubby went to work, had breakfast, and then decided we were gonna do a full-on blob! :) heehee doesn't take much for me to agree to lax out with Ash, in my slippers and PJ's. The house was extra toasty warm as my darling had stoked up the fire before trudging out the door..Thanks honey!

We watched Open season for what must be the 12th be honest, I didn't watch it, I began reading the Lee Child book that Mum had left at my place, and just laughed in the appropriate places to give my son the feeling that I was in this with him...heehee. When it finished I thought I had better do some usual mundane house laundry which was on backload thanks to a neighbourhood fire that was going hard out all of yesterday. Thankfully Kendyl decided to snuggle into my chest and drop off to sleep for the duration of the movie, which meant no interruptions to our "blob out".

I cleaned and tidied the house before lunch, it was seriously nice and spotless.....then by the time we'd had lunch the house looked like the tasmanian devil had passed through it in one of those furious speedy frenzies. Two heck of a mess. The most of the mess made by Miss just-turned-one! ARRRGGHH.. Somedays you wonder why you bother!
So, I just left it like that until now, and Im trying to get motivated by sitting here blogging about it.
Anyone wanna come round and help??
What's your Monday been like?? I bet you have spotless houses!!

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  1. Yeah right, what is a spotless house? I currently have toys all through the lounge, dishes on the bench, unmade beds, washing to be folded and a toilet that needs cleaning. And I am not doing anything about it until tomorrow.
    I love blob days... need one soon.


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