Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ashers "Kids Click" entry ~ Theme: Beautiful

Here is a picture I took of my sister Kendyl at home I think she is buetiful. A lot of people stop us and say she is buetiful to.
from Asher.


  1. She is beautiful! Asher did such a good job!!

  2. I love this picture, Asher took it when we were getting ready to go to the hospital to visit a friend who had a baby...
    I have taken a copy of this picture off him and "tweaked" it using photoshop and it's great black n white , I am going to get it printed out on canvas because I think it shows the real "cheekiness" of Kendyl :) ...
    (((this one hasnt been altered)))
    (Neetz ~ The Mummy)

  3. thanks guys. Ash wrote the words this morning for me to post for him, so I left the spelling mistakes in...they are not MY spelling mistakes!!!!

  4. She IS beautiful! Lovely picture Asher! xx


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