Sunday, 12 December 2010

wow...Im getting old...:)

Thanks a ton to all of you who have been sending birthday wishes both here and via facebook....appreciate the wishes/thoughts! Thanks xx

Man, I woke up this morning though feeling  much older than my 20 years....((ahem))... ;)   oh that's right...because Im much older than that.  A good thing though has been the discovery that I am actually a year younger than I had thought I was.  I have been telling everyone that I am....well the age I am today, ALL YEAR!!... How dumb is that?  Just goes to show that the "forgetfulness" thing really does just start creeping in un-noticed!  Haha.. ((whew that means that 40 is still a little while away thank goodness!)).

Nah, I'm not worried about turning 40.  I know some people have a "thing" about it, but seriously, it doesn't worry me.  What worries me is the aches and pains that come with aging...but hopefully all of that won't be for a good many years to come!

Anyway, this morning I was really blessed with super special "ASHER KISSES"... real sloppy lip ones!  ((mmmm yummy!... lol))... and then Daddy and Asher brought Kendyl and I (who were still semi-conscious in bed at 8ish)  yummy crepes filled with cream and peaches .. in bed!!  Of course they had theirs too, and it was a lovely family time together................oh which reminds me I really need to get those sheets in the wash now!!! (cream and peach squished into sheets does not make for a comfy night!!).

I was then presented with my lovely card ordering me to have a "day filled with peace, harmony and relaxation" hahaha... (which I'm trying hard to obey!!)... and the most awesome leather-bound (with tie) journal...the pages are recycled paper which have been cotton pressed... so it's WONDERFUL...I have a million zillion things racing through my head about what I'm going to do with it....some poetry...thoughts...secrets....some art/painting/sketching...etc.
I think I will just start my "Soul journal" up again, but this time using this gorgeous pressie as it's the perfect thing for it. 
So far I have "Gesso'ed" my pages... tinted a couple, and done a few creative processes to them... so i now have about 5 pages prepped and ready to go!  Being a "tactile" kinda person...I just love this book....I love the feel of it..the weight... the weight of the pages...the way they look...all imperfect etc... the smell... arrgghh... it's just gorgeous! ;)
(anyone else so stationery-addicted that they understand where I'm coming from...or do I just sound like a real space cadet???
mmmm yummy thick pages
So anyway Im off to put some more things into my journal, while my husband works outside, my baby sleeps, and my big boy is at his friends birthday party!
((hugs)) from the birthday gal xxx


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Glad you were pampered - and that journal looks like a dream!!! xox

  2. ooh that Journal looks super cool! Happy Birthday again. You deserve a great relaxing day with crepes in bed!

  3. Enjoy the birthday...all week long. I am all about the extended celebration!

  4. Oooh I love the journal, something that id love to have too. Im a stationary freak also..

    Happy new year from us penhaligons. Ive just been catching up with your latest blogs, I envy the summer, the flowers, the gorgeous kiddos and the sunshine.. ummmmmmm!!


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