Friday, 3 December 2010

Hi y'all... Im still alive here!

Hi all :)  Boy I haven't stopped by here for a little while huh?  Life's been pretty full on busy and all!  Had family "things" on... lots of travelling here there and everywhere...but it's been pretty good, well, mostly good!

My gorgeous cousin and God-daughter left school...passed her NCEA exams...then a few weeks later (the day after her 17th birthday) gave birth to a gorgeous wee boy who they have called Kye.  Then the following week, she married her love, in a gorgeous wedding ceremony of close friends and family :) 

We've also been gearing up for the end of year things/functions.  Our band's played at a few corporate gigs .. end of the year gatherings, and we're winding up at Playcentre and Asher at school.  Craziness ensues!

The weather's been pretty darn hot, and for the first time in 6yrs, we've had to order in some water... one of the bummers of being on tank water!

My Mum and Dad have flown to Perth today to go and spend some quality time with my uncle (Dads brother) who is in Palliative care, has metastatic cancer in the brain/lung.  Needless to say it is not really a trip away they are looking forward to, and I really feel for them, and my uncles family at this really sad time.'s a few piccys of some of the happenings lately.  I will be back again soon to do a "christmassy" type blog :)
Hugs to all xxx





  1. Man your little girl is cute... and that new bubba. Here's to us all surviving the crazy end of year fun!!


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