Friday, 11 October 2013

2013 NZ Mug Swap

It was quite excting when I saw that Alisa from blog "Finding" was going to start a Mug Swap.  Now I had seen many of these happening in blog-land, but usually overseas, and to participate in those usually meant hefty postage fees to get your mug/package there!  Great, one for us bloggers here in good ol' New Zealand!  so yes I signed up right away.

The next week I got to know who was going to receive my Mugswap, and it was Heather from blog :  "This Mum Rocks".

I rocked on over to Heathers blog and had a read... she sounded like a real cool chick.  From Canada, married to a Kiwi guy, Mummy, Blogger, and right into Op-shopping.  I also saw she liked orange (like my good pal Tracy). 

So Kendyl and I set out putting together a package.  You know we searched and searched for a really "COOL" orange mug.... but all the ones we found were pretty "blah".  I was going to get a really cool travel mug and fill it with bits and pieces, but again all the ones I found were pretty "blah".  I looked online even, but the cool ones were going to take a while to get to me... and I wanted it pretty much NOW. 

So after about the 4th attempt at looking for an orange mug my 4yr old was nigh on melt down...and she said to me... "can we just get a purple one?? I hate orange mugs!"  Great idea!  We found one that we both agreed on, and this set the "colour theme" for our package.
It was purple and pink (Kendyls favourite colours) and what do you know, it had butterflies all over it .... and guess who loves butterflies... ;) haha.
In amongst the grocery shopping the next week , we got a box of Vanilla Latte sachets, and a few other goodies ... a few choccies, some other bits and pieces.. (some of which I noticed I had to keep replenishing, as they kept "disappearing"...especially the chocolates!

Found this cute "purple" Sistema little container, so we threw one of those in too!
 (they always come in handy, I know I use my little itsy bitsy ones all the time!)

When I saw this dinky little coffee/tea plunger in Typo, I just knew it had to be included in the parcel, it just fitted right!

And this Nail Caviar is fantastic and a bit of a girly indulgence, so I thought Heather might enjoy something like this..... doing her nails whilst having a Vanilla Latte.

 Added in a cute cut felt coaster for the mug
A purple teatowel and a little grater (to grate the choc onto the Latte)

 Some cutesy little chocolate moulds

And I know this is a bit "cheesy" but a cute little perspex friendship ring

I found a little cute coffee spoon, and tried to engrave
"This Mum Rocks" on the front and "From Neetz" on the back
I can usually engrave pretty well, but this was so weirdly shaped that it was really hard to do, and it kept slipping out of the clamp...
I nearly didn't send it, but thought "what the heck"... and apparently Heather quite liked it
(or so she said haha),.
So, that was my gift to give...and it 's been great to get to know Heather a little more via her blog.
And then....on Tuesday, my mug swap arrived!! Yay
It came all the way from Invercargill.  Jolene from blog: my Jolly Life sent me a lovely gift.. not ONE, but TWO mugs, with cute little sayings on them...and I got a nice notebook and pen which I am keeping as a "lyrics ideas book" in my bag at all times... and some yummy chocs (which I got 2 of and the kids got the rest) and a cute little speech bubble magnet/whiteboard pen.  Also I got a nice "star" glass necklace, which Kendyl has her eye on! haha.

Thanks so much Jolene!! Isn't it great getting real mail...actually in your letterbox?? ((I love it!)).
A huge thanks to Alisa for organising this
I had great fun with it all!
Cheers, Juanita x


  1. Cool present .. both to give and to get! Was such a fun swap! How do you do the engraving? Do you have a machine for it?!?! VERY cool :-)

  2. Wow that was quite the swap...well done to all...enjoy your goodies. x

  3. Ohh I love the parcels.

    I am loving that typo plunger. Wish we had typo here. *wonders if they are online.. lol*

    I am so glad you took part.


  4. waah! where did my comment go??
    I love you swap parcel Neetz! it was an awesome swap to be a part of.

  5. Neetz, I tell ya that spoon is awesome, though my 2yr old figures it's hers!!! I loved my parcel . The lattes have been lovely, and the nail caviar has gone on top of my "big Lebowski" green pedi. This was the first time I had taken part in a swap and was very lucky to have you as my buddy! Alisa did a great job of pairing us up! Thanks again :)


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