Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Time off

Hi guys.

I've had "time off"... time off blogging (yes...AGAIN)... time off singing (our drummer's been away for a few weeks, so it's been a lovely time of "free weekends")...  and just time off everything, it's been lovely.

Our band is back into it this weekend though (I actually thought we had another week off, oops).. and to tell you the truth, there is a "small" part of me that has missed being out there, entertaining people... so will be great fun to be back.

It's been really nice kicking back and watching the Americas cup too!  Team Emirates New Zealand have been going great guns and hopefully we'll see them take the cup away... that would be the icing on the cake!

We had an awesome family time just last weekend, as it would have been my Dads 61st birthday, but his first in Heaven! We missed him like mad, but we took flowers up to the grave, sang happy birthday so loud that I'm sure he would have heard it up above the clouds!  Then we had some real gut wrenching cries and snotty tears.... but it was lovely to be together... and to love and support each other on Dads birthday.

We all then went and stayed at my brothers house, ate a banquet bbq... steak, chops, sausages, potato bake, kumara salad... ohhhh heavenly! Couldn't even fit pudding in!  Then we blobbed in the spa pool even though it was a blustery old night... and watched the All Blacks beat South Africa!

Then it was marae styles... mattresses out in the lounge, and just loving each others company.

My kids just LOVE being with their cousins... they'd live there if I let them! haha.

What have you guys been up to?  (perhaps I better get back into some blog reading and will find out!!)... Hugs to you all xx


  1. your family is lovely. that is one full spa!

  2. Awesome moments there Neetz, what a lot to cherish. Bless you heaps for your visit today too over at my blog... I always hear you in your comments! Bless you heaps

  3. How lovely to spend together as a family....hope it hasn't been to tough on you all. xxxx


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