Monday, 2 September 2013

My crazy morning

Crazy morning started like this.... woke up.. got household ready for the day.. send Asher down to open the gate for Cindy (car pooling friend who also doubles as my hairdresser!) who was on morning pick ups..
breakfast done, washing hung (hubby says I should have hung them in the shed as its going to rain...thanks Warren Hickey weatherman I say being smart and telling him its a breautiful day) lunches packed, teeth brushed, ready for school/daycare..
 Hubby getting ready for his ultrasound appointment, Son tells me its actually ME on morning pickups this morning.. I panic as am only half dressed/ready..quick dress up.. hurried goodbyes to hubby.. back in the door to pick up forgotten jackets etc, hubby has just realised he has eaten breakfast when he should be NBM..arrgh..(radiology lady NOT impressed).. so he's out the door ready for work.. I start the van and back out.. almost into Cindy who's ACTUALLY on mornings (thanks Asher organiser).. she takes Ash.. I realise that hubby can take little child to daycare as it's on his way..and save me a trip into town...we change carseats over, say goodbye (again) to daughter and husband...only to find that his car battery is flat...
we jumpstart his car.. they head off... Sargey dog and I stare at each other because suddenly the silence is deafening!!! haaha. So Im enjoying a lovely quiet cuppa tea, then off to feed the horses and hang the washing in the garage like weatherman husband suggested... since its started showering a little!!!
  .... Hows YOUR morning been??


  1. Better now for the chuckle you have let me have...I suggest going back to bed while you can xxxxx


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