Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 16 - short term goals for this month (even though posted late!) lol

1/  To try and go at least 3 days without crying for my Daddy.

2/  To use my crosstrainer more and start exercising

3/  To plan the dinners weekly so Im not tearing my hair out around 4pm every night!!!!

4/  To give thanks regularly for every little thing possible.

5/  To smile lots...

6/  To LOVE, to BE PATIENT, to FORGIVE, to ENJOY the moment!! :)


  1. Great goals....hope they bring you serenity and sanity. xxxx

  2. I so need to do numbers 2/3/4/5/6 as well... but especially the forward planning of meals; I keep talking about it, but I just don't seem to manage it!

    Let us know how you go, and if you find the secret of meal-planning, can you please let me in on it (I swear there must be a secret)!

    1. hahah.. Hey it works for my sister in law and she has 4 kids (and a big one ... my bro) to organise and she's ONTO IT!!! will pick her brains and let ya know !! xx


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