Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wedding and Watery Weekend

 I’m a bit late posting about our weekend… but here it is anyway! (always behind and late me!!)

On Saturday our band was playing at a wedding up in the Bay of Islands at a beautiful bay called “Waipiro Bay”.  The wedding was lovely, nice and casual, and not at all stressy (which we love…as Bride-zillas are TERRIBLE to deal with).  This Bride was the furthest thing from a Bridezilla ever! 

We had a cool little set up in our own little “enclosure” and the dancers congregated on the little patch of lawn immediately in front of us and further up the way there was another little marquee where people could still enjoy the band, but have a bit of a conversation if they wanted to, without being overwhelmed with the music! 
It was a good set up, and a great night. 
I got home at 4.15am!! ………….. tired after our solid 4hour performance then packing down and then driving back along the winding and misty roads, towing a huge enclosed trailer with HEAVY band equipment…and “free” cows happily wandering along the roadside as they pleased (yes…very long trip home!).

I had planned to have a bit of a sleep in the next morning, however the kids sounded so cute, I got up and played with them for a bit, and pottered around.  We then decided to go to the local swimming pools. 

The kids had a great time!  Hubby did too.  Asher just loved the water/hydro slides!  We had a ball, and had some nice hot chippies and an iced choc and then went home again.

For me the rest of the afternoon/evening was a bit of a blur due to the fact that I was totally exhausted, and had taken some tramadol for a head/neck ache, and this led to me zoning in and out of  a coma-like state.  At one stage I woke up in front of the tele making some horrible snoring kinda noise…yes I woke myself up…how BAD is that? Lol.  Warren just smirked and shook his head at me!

So that was my weekend, and this weekend our band is playing another wedding but this time up in Kohukohu, in the Hokianga!  Should be good fun!


  1. You sure are a rockstar! I'd love to hear what your band is like. Photos are lovely too. I hope your dad is ok. xxx

  2. Lucky you have the week days to get over the weekends.LOL Have a lovely week.


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