Monday, 20 February 2012

Just stuff

Yes it's me, the one who said I was going to make a real effort this year with my blogging.... and since the beginning of this year has blogged a whole TWO times.  Yes  Not TWENTY TWO... just TWO! (2).

Sad blogger... slack blogger...useless blogger...redundant blogger!  I deserve all those awards.

I have been preoccupied, though that's not really an excuse, I could find 5 minutes a day to write down a few ramblings I guess, however my mojo has completely flown out the window.  Don't get me wrong every single day I think of all sorts of cool stuff that I could be blogging about, only to come in to the computer and sit here just too pooped to get it down. .............. oh well. Can only get better I guess!

I'm feeling like a bit of a slack friend also, as I haven't had the time or energy really to get out there and socialise (well, as much as usual)... I haven't had the "catch-ups" I wanted, or spent the time I should with the friends I normally would, but I'm sure it will all be back to normal soon.

The ones at the forefront of my focus at the moment........ are these 2...

It’s amazing how things really “jolt” into perspective when you face some unpleasant situations.
Many times I hear people ranting about the unfairness of life… because they’ve got a speeding ticket, or they couldn’t go to this show or that, or because the weather wasn’t nice.  I feel a bit bad actually as sometimes I want to yell at them…. “be glad you’re alive… and healthy…. and not stuck in a hospital bed 24/7, facing many more weeks there too!!  I feel bad because it’s not their fault my Dad’s stuck where he is, or that my Mum’s stressing about Dad too, and feeling the separation caused by his hospitalization………but I cant help but get a little miffed by their petty little complaints! 

I must be turning into a right grumpy bum!  Soon nobody will want to be around me!! Lol.

Yes…I’ve been pretty family-absorbed lately, and I know it.  I know things will return to normal soon! 

This pic to the right is late one night after we'd settled Dad down for the evening, we went out to Dennys for it Dennys or Wendys??? I always get them confused!?  We went out and had a gi-normous Steak was delicious!! haha.

When Stressed...eating helps!! (well not really but we like to think it does!!).

On a brighter note, I have made time for a long overdue visit with my BFFL ~ Kylie Reid, who I went through school with.  Had the best times with.  Rode horses with.  And our catch up was a terrific salve for the soul.  So nice to hang with old friends who know and love you … whatever state you’re in.  My afternoon with her may have only been 3hours long, but it was like a jump-start and brightened up my whole week!  Looking forward to many many more catch-ups too!

Another bonus was Leonie (from Kiwi at Heart) our bloggy friend coming back to the North from Aussie for a week, and having a catch up with her.  Now I missed catching up with her and the group in town, due to “responsibilities” … haha.. however I managed to get out and catch her at her Mum and Dads on the Friday.  What a nice catch up that was too!  Nice that Kendyl slept for a fair bit of the visit, and woke in a pretty social mood.  She fell in love with “Nana Di” (Leonies Mum) and took quite a shine to Ken (Leonies Dad) too… especially when he was paying her with imaginary money in the form of crackers!! Haha.  What a lovely catch up on all the goings on.  It was like she’d never left!! Then we tried (pretty unsuccessfully) to get a pic of Leonie and myself….for bloggy proof of the catch up of course!!… but I only got one shot of us, one of her parents and one of Kendyl and then my cam went flat.  Leonies Mum tried to snap one of us, (well….must have been a good 10 or so….) but I’m not sure if any of them actually came out as she was having “a little” trouble (right Leonie) with her daughters camera!!! Hahaha..
Nevermind, it was all good, and lovely to see Leonie again!

<<Leonies folks....>>


Then Saturday saw us Bassett Bunch heading up to Kaitaia for my Aunty Diannes 60th birthday.  Our band was playing at it, so we got there early, and set up, and because it was at the Nurses Recreation Hall, there was access to the swimming pool…. So it was a set up and then swimmy cool down on the cards!! Delicious!
The birthday was fun and it was great to catch up with all of the friends/family.

Now back home to face another week, though it hasn’t started too well with my boy home due to a chest infection!
Oh well…roll on roll on…..

How’s your weekend gone?


  1. Love your Neetz!! It was so precious to have that time together and I felt so privileged and blessed :)

  2. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog lately - you've really helped me feel a bit better about blogging! Don't feel disappointed about your small absence from blogging - I know it's important but it comes in well after things like family and friends, and other committments. We love to hear what you have to say, and will be waiting for you when you've got time to let us know how things are going! You are amazing!

  3. you are such a champ neetz. love you x


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