Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I LUV online (grocery) shopping!

Oh man.  Have I told you how much happier of a Mum I am since doing all of my grocery shopping online?  I haven’t??  Well I certainly am!
Gone are the days of  “can I have this” “Can I have that” whinge, whine, moan, sulk…. Gone are the days of grumpy lil’ 2 year olds saying… “I want to go home…” or “Cuddle me Mummy” because I have been taking too long in the aisles.  Gone are the days of trying to just “rush in and rush out” and then bumping into at least 4 people each trip who I actually have to stop and have a talk to…(can’t just bump them off). 

Online shopping … How much I adore thee… How I have longed for you, long before I discovered you… and how I cannot live without thee any more!!  (a bit over the top and dramatic I know, but so so true!).

I don’t get my groceries delivered as it costs an extra $25 odd dollars, so for an extra $3, I just pick up between a specified time…(or hubby picks them up after work).  I like to write our personal shopper a little note when ordering online like “Thanks for being my hands today and picking all my goodies out” and every single time I get a really nice handwritten note on my receipt like “you’re so welcome…have a great week/weekend” etc … It’s a really nice personal touch!

If you don’t already do it, I would totally recommend it… particularly good when you have visitors coming and the cupboards are empty, but you have other engagements the next day and can’t go shopping (like in person).  You can go to your appointment/engagement, and then just pick up your groceries…shoot home and unpack!! PERFECT!!  Also perfect when you have kids who cringe when they see you pull in to the supermarket carpark (both of mine do this!!).

I love too, that you can save certain lists… I have a “big shop” list and a “in between shops standard list with all our regularly required items on it and other little lists like “school luch top up”  “birthdays/celebrations” list with lots of goodies and fattening sugary cavity making food!!! Lol.

Anyway!!… That’s me, a little less stressed these days and happier, and definitely with happier kids because of it!! ;)

Happy shopping everyone!


  1. I dunno...I usually enjoy shopping. Maybe Ill give it ago since I have extra kids now the holiday have begun

  2. cool Neetz, I hear so many people raving about Online grocery shopping but Im yet to give it a try.. we live within a stones throw of three major supermarkets and my problem is going for a couple of things and buying a stack more.... might have to give it a go these school holidays and save myself the stress!!!

  3. Hmmm - something I seriously need to look into once this new babe is born! My oldest is only just at the stage here she can cope with a 'big shop' now, but until recently we have always gone as a family on the weekends so one can take the toddler out when she starts whinging!

  4. I LOVE online grocery shopping and I dont have kids! Bit lazy of me but its so easy! And I get it delivered too - its like christmas every week!

  5. when the grocery item we will get by online shopping, you need to realize that time saved can be utilized for other fruitful activities. You don't have to spend time walking through the supermarket and you don't have to waste time traveling back with all the heavy bags. Everything is brought right to your door-steps.indian grocery store

  6. It's fab isn't it! I used to do it when we lived in Wellington - winter southerlies and babies weren't the best thing to deal with when you needed groceries. I was so excited when they introduced it up here. I loved the envious look the other day when I picked mine up and breezed past the ten or fifteen people in the queue who looked very fed up with waiting.

  7. I didn't know that you could have the pick up option....the delivery was a little costly...but I loved the on line shopping bit.

  8. Ha ha I'm so with you!! Although I do often get them to deliver (I love the man that comes to the back door and gives me all my food.) I also love that you often get little freebies! Doing this for a while definately made me a better shopper/planner too. Meal plans and making sure you don't leave anything on the list. Cheers xxx

  9. Hey just to say thanks for all your comments today! You made me laugh, I love that you dusted off your cheerleading outfit. You basically travelled through my first 100 days sober in one or two hours by the looks of it! Great to hear from you. Cheers xxx


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