Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmassy times

Our view from the stage

Before I start...I wanna say thanks to Nadia, Rach and Kyle for the photos I've pinched for this blog!... ((heehee)).

Well. We (Kurfew)  had the pleasure of playing a gig at the Whangarei Christmas Festival this year.  Opening for Hello Sailor, and generally just having some fun doing what we enjoy doing.  We got to rock around the Christmas tree with Mr Claus, and it was fun!.

The crowd was a little timid at first, but we had to remember this wasn't our usual pub gig where the crowd are already "fuelled" with a nip or two, and raring to go from the start.... this was a family affair, and needed a little time to crank up!  But crank up it finally did!  Woohoo. 

The crowd
Was great to see some friendly and familiar faces there among the crowd.  Maungatapere locals up and dancing (yeah Maungatapere).. even some friends/family from Kaitaia!! 

Merry Christmas y'all  ... xxx


  1. Wow what a fab event...looks like loads of fun. x

  2. Neetz we missed you after church, had to tell you how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE Kurfew!!!! And so does a small person in our family who couldn't stay off the dancefloor. You guys are o for osome, we want a party now... Love Dan & Sam xox


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