Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ive been busy again

Yes... I have been absent again....

Limited time on the Bassett front...due to:

~ recording music videos
~ meetings most nights of the week (not AA or NA or anything so bad!!)
~ band stuff
~ organising overseas travel
~ helping a friend with fundraising
~ taking on website maintenance for kids soccer group
~ Playcentre
~ Mainly Music
~ Church
~ Birthday parties
~ helping friends with their kids birthday invites etc
~ Sons school stuff
~ Trying to keep in touch with "real life" friends

Arrggh.. not enough hours in the day!! ;)

The crew on filming day :)


Birthday girl

One of the sets for filming the music video "curveball"
Be back soon xxx


  1. your busy-ness makes me feel so lazy...I gotta get some stuff done!

  2. How exciting for you that you make time for "real life" friends too.

  3. Left a comment last week...guess blogger ate it....have a fun time with all that busyness. There is some cool things going on in your life.


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