Friday, 27 May 2011

I'm still alive! ;)

Hi everyone!  Bet you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth didn't you?  Well, at times I kinda wish I had, I've had so many bits and pieces to think about over the last few weeks, but guess what??? I think it's just about settled down...  (I know, don't talk too soon!!). 

Anyway I'm here, and I thought instead of toiling too much about what I'm gonna blog about, I would just write.......something......anything... just to prove I'm still here!

I have been trying to visit blogs and leave comments ((when blogger will allow!)). 

I was talking to another blogger the other day about how we have so many topics/stories/blogs to share, but sometimes you sit down to get that here....and into cyberspace, and for some reason, it just doesn't happen.  I guess I think too much about "which topic Im going to discuss today"  when in actual fact I should just do it.  Whether or not someone actually reads it is not the point...the point is, I would have DONE it...instead of just sitting here thinking about it! lol

Talk to ya soon xxx


  1. HEY! Good to see you're still round! I totally know what you mean .. so I have a trick I learnt! The other day I had a few picks that I could put into a few different posts - so I wrote a few different posts and just set them to post at intervals over the next few days! ;-) (shhh it's a secret! hehe)


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