Monday, 2 November 2009

A walk to the Letterbox...... my little man woke up with yucky tonsils yet again, and since he was feeling blah I let him stay home. (secretly I love it when he stays home and I get to snuggle with him, and I think Kendyl loves seeing more of him too). Now the usual "sick day rule" is "If you're sick, you are either confined to your bed or to the couch (within reason of course). His usual choice is the couch as it gives him a bit more interaction and if he chooses to stay curled up in bed then I know hes feeling real dreadful. Well he stayed on the couch til lunchtime and then made a pretty miraculous recovery stating "I really think I need a walk to get some fresh air" so off we headed for a refreshing walk to the letterbox. I grabbed the camera as I wanted to try Warren's new lens out.

This is our walk to the letterbox, in pictures.. lol (featuring in some, the "almost complete" fort that Daddy is building for Asher.

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